USA Visit Visa from UAE

In order to visit your friends and relatives in the USA, we provide B1 and B2 Visas.

Apply for a tourist visa to the USA from UAE

Are you traveling to the US for business, vacation, medical treatment, or to visit family and friends? From UAE, you must apply for a visit visa to the USA. The visa application procedure is challenging since it involves a huge amount of documentation and many people are unsure of where to begin. Thusly comes the value of having a team of professionals by your side. The greatest assistance and ease of applying for a USA visa from UAE are provided by Wadi Al Noor, a US immigration and visa consultant.

You have the following rights if you obtain a US tourist visa from UAE:

  • Examine travel
  • Get to know your family and friends
  • Visit social gatherings
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Short-term course work
  • Receive medical attention
  • Attend meetings for business
USA Travel

Depending on the type of tourist visa you apply for, there are certain things you can do in the USA. Talk to our specialists about your travel needs, and we’ll help you discover the best solution. We have successfully assisted thousands of travelers in applying from UAE for US visas.

Key Points on Tourist Visa from UAE

You must apply for a US tourist visa from Sharjah if you are a UAE resident or citizen. For visitors to the US on vacation or on business, there are various sorts of visit visas available. Depending on the reason for their trip, visitors must apply for a US visit visa.

The types of visit visas are as follows:

B-1 Visit Visa USA

This is for business visitors to the US who come for:
(1) Attending a business conference
(2) Contract negotiations for a business
(3) Talk about business agendas
(4) Purchase or sale of real estate

Transit C Tourist Visa USA

This is for travelers who make brief stopover in the US. Those who are qualified to obtain a transit visa include:
(1) Be a general non-US citizen
(2) Be a non-US citizen or UN official

B-2 Visit Visa USA

For those travelling to the USA on a tourist visa:
(1) Vacation
(2) Take part in competitions or social events
(3) Receive medical attention
(4) Brief course in recreation

Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D

This is for the crew members of foreign airlines or ships arriving in the United States, including
(1) Flight attendants
(2) Pilots
(3) Ship and Service Staff

Do you need help deciding which type of visa you need? Consult our knowledgeable US visa advisors in Dubai for assistance. We’ll assess your needs for travel and provide you with advice on the best visa type for trouble-free travel.

Documents Needed to Apply from UAE for a Tourist Visa to the US

You will generally need the following documents to submit an application for a B-1, B2, Transit C, or Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D:

USA Documents to apply
  • Application form filled out according to the type of visa you've chosen
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • Evidence of financial resources to cover your expenses while visiting the USA
  • A letter confirming your visit to the United States
  • Coverage for travel insurance
  • Details on accommodation
  • Air tickets
  • Valid return tickets

However, the paperwork needed could change based on your USA tourist visa. Therefore, it is best to seek assistance from licensed US visa consultants in Dubai to obtain the list of paperwork needed for the visa application process.


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