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Through a visit visa, the Canadian government enables foreign nationals to travel there temporarily for a variety of purposes, including family visits, vacations, or business meetings or conferences. Unless you are a citizen of a country that is free from visa requirements, in which case you may enter Canada for a period of 180 days, you will be required to obtain a Visit visa, which is valid for 6 months.

Secure Your Visit Visa for Canada from UAE

Do you have any planned travel or business plans to Canada? You can get a visit visa to Canada from UAE with the help of Wadi Al Noor using a quick and affordable process. For foreign nationals who wish to visit Canada temporarily for vacation, business, or family reasons, the Canadian government issues visas. Except for citizens of nations free from visa requirements, all visitors to Canada must get a visit visa that is valid for six months. However, getting a tourist visa to Canada from UAE is difficult because there are requirements to meet, according to the Canadian immigration authority. You can receive assistance from Wadi Al Noor Consultancy in UAE to easily obtain your Canada visit visa from UAE. We can help you in obtaining a visit visa to Canada from UAE in less than 24 hours by using a time- and money-saving procedure.

Information on visiting Canada from the UAE

Tourists can enter Canada on a visit visa and remain there for up to 6 months. There are two different kinds of tourist visas for Canada: single entry and multiple admission. A multiple-entry visa allows travelers to enter and exit Canada several times up until the time the visa expires, while a single entry visa only allows travelers to enter the country once. The main features of a visit visa to Canada include:

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  • Only tourism-related purposes may be used on a visit visa to Canada.
  • Using this visa to study and work is illegal.
  • Along with your spouse, kids, and any dependents, you can apply for a tourist visa.
  • The processing time for a visit visa to Canada is 27 days.

Foreign nationals who are exempt from requesting a visit visa for Canada are nonetheless need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in order to transit through Canada. US residents who currently have a valid Canadian visa are free from this requirement.

Conditions for Applying to Canada visa for travel from UAE

The following general requirements must be met in order to apply for a Canada visit visa from UAE:

  • Passport that is at least valid for six months
  • Airline ID (for residents)
  • Two passport-sized images with a white background
  • Evidence of financial security (to determine whether you have enough money to cover your expenses while visiting Canada)
  • Completed out application properly and including processing fees
  • If your travel is for business, you should bring a copy of your current business license and the passport information of any partners or investors you may have.
  • Comprehensive coverage for your travels
  • Explain why you are there (tourism, family trip, or business trip)
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